Exchanging Pain

"My hands are paining." she said after completion of work. He said with a smile "Let's Exchange" although he wanted to exchange 'his love' with her. "..if only that could have been possible.." she replied. 
He kept smiling & thought

To be with you

A speeding Lorry hit their bike. 
They both were admitted on hospital. 
Boy dies. After girl became conscious, knew fate of her dearest,
left her bed towards window, steps on it. 

Guilty! Not Guilty!!

So, you've loved her so much, then why did you kill her!?" his prison cell-mate asked him.
With a deep cold breath & tears in his eyes, he started his tragedy," I didn't kill her but I'm responsible for her demise. I was so engulfed by work that i didn't have time for her and she became so depressed. She started taking medication but that didn't help.